Black Sheep


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Black Sheep is FIVE MINUTE MAJOR's first full album. Now a trio with the addition of Justin Judd at bass guitar and back vocals, the band is more powerful than ever. Check it out folks and sing along.

Buy the physic version of the album to get 5MM's cover of classic and very popular song "Runaround Sue" by Dion.


released April 21, 2015

Released by LEAMEL
Recorded at the Emery Street Studio
Engineering & Co-Producing by Oli Jean
Artwork by Matthew Leduc
Bass guitar recorded by David Martineau
Back vocals on "Highway of Hope" by Seb Black
All songs written by Five Minute Major



all rights reserved


FIVE MINUTE MAJOR Montreal, Québec

Acoustic/folk/punk band from Montreal, formed in 2013 by longtime friends Francis Morelli & Frank J. Leonard. In May 2014, they released a debut EP entitled "We Aren't Kids Enough" defining their unique sound of aggressive voices & catchy sing alongs. Early 2015, they hit Emery Street Studio as a trio with the addition of Justin Judd on bass guitar, to record "Black Sheep". ... more

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Track Name: Beach Ball Skin Jacket
Walking down the road
Wondering when it ends
Don't even have a dime
To put a new song in my head
Asking myself how
To be pretty for the gig
I was counting on my beard
But every kid is wearing it

I got a 20 dollar bill
I picked up a beach ball skin jacket
My look is so precious
So I bought the beach ball skin jacket

Been walking for so long
I'm leaving this town
Still don't have a dime
To put a new song in my head
Wondering to myself how
To look cool after the show
I was counting on tattoos
But all the kids are wearing them

I got a 20 dollar bill
I picked up a beach ball skin jacket
My look is so precious
So I bought the beach ball skin jacket
But ain't got damn roses on my neck

I'm taking care of myself
Cause what the crowd thinks means a lot to me
It's my insecurity
You gotta be better than what you really are
Act like someone else
You'll feel better to be another one
Cause what's deep inside of you
Cover it up with a beach ball skin jacket

Ain't got no fucking money
But I bought the beach ball skin jacket
Ain't got no any bitch fans
But I wear the beach ball skin jacket
The one that all the kids wanna get
Track Name: Only Dead Fish Follow the Stream
I work from 6 to 2
Got a lot of things to do
Days are filled with shit
Got to make things fit
Clock's still, RUNNING FAST
Hurry up you'll finish last
I'm on my way to go to bed
My head's running low I'm dead

Workaholic, lyricist is out of order
Can't get it done so sing old words
A narcissist, would make our days even longer
So now it's time to sing new words

I tried on all my shoes
Nothing really fit
It seems like days are shorter
So pretty much I'm feeling older

I'll make things right
Before my days are over
I'll make it right
To show the world I'm better
Track Name: Highway of Hope
I can't stop dreaming of tomorrow
My world goes black in sorrow
I ain't got any options left
I'm cracking all the matches
Step in line and wait they shoot an arrow
Standing in front of what's coming first
I can't tell you what could be worst
I ain't got any guts to say what the hell is on my way
Can't define good and bad, got to rehearse
I'm walking alone

Breaking my bones
Every time I close my eyes
Feeling alone
When I'm here, I survive
Standing amongst one another like best friends
Walking alone
On the highway of hope

Raise your fist, in the air
You are here, for either one of us
We thank you
Raise your kid, all alone
Do your best, like she did by herself
In the past, I can't hide
All the pain, stuck inside
My heart goes in sudden death
In game seven

Get that crowd and sing out loud
We don't get fancy about mistakes
Fuck doubts, get emotions out
An only child from broken home
All that shit doesn't come alone
Track Name: The Shape of Blues to Come
In a country mile away
From sovereignty grew up
The kids of yesterday
Who made the choice of diggin' up
Mistakes from the past
Can't make us finish last
We are french
But that's how we sing the blues

Waking up
The dead from above
Punk is not a language
Sing what you're proud of
Wake them up
My head's harder than stone
Punk is not a trend
Feel it in your bones

Don't lose sleep over me
Grab a glass of anything
Come sing this song
Don't be so mean
Together we could have some fun
So let's sing the blues

We do what our hearts are trained to do
Without approval, from you
Track Name: J'feel Tout Croche
Tu vois bien que j'feel tout croche
J'ris même plus d'mes jokes poches
Même le chat s'tient loin d'moi
J'ai envi d'être lancé comme une roche
Je ferais même pas 3-4 bonds
De toutes façons j'trouverais pas le fond
Si c'était moi la loi,
Je m'enfermerais dans une prison

Tu vois bien que j'feel tout croche
C'est octobre qui me rend moche
Mes amis sont partis au bout du monde
Pendant que moi j'rush
Ma tête fait même plus de son
Mon coeur dit de changer de ton
Si c'était moi le roi,
J'me crisserais en bas du donjon

I don't want to live like a shadow of myself
I want to make sure you're not aiming for someone else
So don't pull the curtain
We got many songs to write
I don't want to live like a shadow of myself
Track Name: Home of the Major
Here's a song to make a record feel like yours
Dodge the road, take shortcuts that lead to the end
You're the meaning why this set-up's still alive
Your voices made the beat took control of the night
Of our lives...

Hard days writing songs
One's head in the clouds
Making out of date rhymes
Shuffling cards, on and on
Whistle riffs but can't get on
Selling tee's to pay the bills

Driving miles away from home
Not even enough to fill the tank
SLEEPING on a basement floor
Every road leads to Rome
Instead the one's heading for you
Fall back in reverse, play for free
Track Name: ProSet
Dear Wayne,
Twenty years ago, I was a star too
Got my stick, 99 on it
We played twice a day

On the street we got scars and bruises for you
Only rain could have broke game, we got no rules
Time out there's a car

Trying to get goals but I'm clearly not as good as you are
The brothers are making it easy
They're reaching three stars
We aren't so stupid, we know the line to follow
We make baby steps, making wrap arounds
Ready to step in line and follow
Like buying a pack of ProSet

On the street we got scars and bruises for you
Only rain could have broke game, we got no rules
Timeout there's a car
Ball's rolling out too far
Our life is on a hold
Until this fucking car drives by
Let's finish what's we've started
Before their mom yells out;
Come home for dinner

On the street we got scars and bruises for you
Only rain could have broke game, we got no rules
On the street we dream of what else we could do
Cause no one knows to handle life like you handle pucks
Track Name: Chat de Ruelle
You should have saved me
Before I burned my heart away
I should hate you for this
But it helped for writing shit

You broke the dreams of a bad boy
Of an unstable asshole
That painted walls in black
You gave power to the man
To set fire to his heart
And learned another way to dance

I've never been that dick
You tried to cast a spell on me
I've been so wrong to
Cause that made me feel like shit
Track Name: Two Left Shoes and a Megaphone
Stay up, at the church
Begging for meal to eat
It's warnings disease
Pray for the best to come
So much love

Love stuck inside
Can't find a better place to hide
It's a foreign body
But I can't make it running a mile

One day the bias will fall to the ground
Don't kill the boy inside the man
You gotta do what's right, not what's easy
One day the bias will fall to the ground
Let's break the rules you're standing for
I killed the man now it's only you and me

Stop walking like soldier
Start running just the way you are
Your life is a disaster
Get up, save your soul and kick'em all

I can't afford, the way to sing my life
Everything is pre-conceived to be checkmate
I can't afford, the way to disguise my life
Smoking dust, eating cocaine and rustiness
I can't afford, a life that isn't mine
What I told you ain't so close to the fucking truth
I can't afford, a new way to sing my life
Track Name: Chemo for Breakfast
You haven't been here for many years
Sad looks on their faces
Doesn't mean that much to you
You look great, your fragile hair
You got all the pain in the world on your shoulders
How could this happen to you
What's wrong with the world I once knew

Please don't give up, I swear it's worth it
Come get someone who deserves this
I swear to god I'll try hard to make this end
Stop eating chemo for breakfast

I have kids, health is on their side
It feels wrong, they can't share it with all of you
I give you the strength you need to make it through
With a song I cannot write without shedding tears
How could this happen to you
What's wrong with the world I once knew

My heart has set itself in anger
I'm the angriest man ever
They have their whole life in front of them
Drop the mitts, beat this fucking cancer