We Aren't Kids Enough


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We Aren't Kids Enough is FIVE MINUTE MAJOR's debut EP, then as a duo (Francis Morelli & Frank J. Leonard), they recorded six acoustic punk-rock songs that will make you sing along with them.


released May 2, 2014

Released by LEAMEL
Recorded & mixed by Oli Jean at Leamel Studio
Artwork by Matthew Leduc
All songs written by FIVE MINUTE MAJOR
with collaboration of Justin Judd from Backseat Effect



all rights reserved


FIVE MINUTE MAJOR Montreal, Québec

Acoustic/folk/punk band from Montreal, formed in 2013 by longtime friends Francis Morelli & Frank J. Leonard. In May 2014, they released a debut EP entitled "We Aren't Kids Enough" defining their unique sound of aggressive voices & catchy sing alongs. Early 2015, they hit Emery Street Studio as a trio with the addition of Justin Judd on bass guitar, to record "Black Sheep". ... more

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Track Name: Make It Shake It Up
I can't believe this morning
I'm waking up next to you
I thought you want me to stay true
When I saw you late last night
I knew you were the one for this
But didn't think you'd stick this much
Never trust a word from me...

Give it up, give it up, give it up on me!
I swear you're better off alone
Give it up, give it up, give it up on me!
I'm not really worth the pain
Give it up, give it up, give it up on me!
When love gets the best of you
Give it up, give it up, give it up on me!
Can't even remember your name

I ain't got enough time for you
Hold on until saturday comes
I can't be your Romeo
You're not Juliet of modern times
I am getting enough of you
Can't lose chances with some of your friends
I'm done with Romeo
I feel more like a Don Juan

Do you think you are the one
Who can get the best of me?!
Never trust a word from me...

I try to write a song
That said love ain't good for me
A chorus could prove you wrong
But don't trust a word I say
I try to write a song
That doesn't sound like bands I love
Ripping off the same track
And paste it down at the recording studio
LOVE is like a cheap song
But I feel like no one knows
Never trust a word from me...
Track Name: Anthem Of Fireworks
I hurt you when I quit
Your name's written on my sleeve
I'll call you for cheap sex
But I can't fuck what I don't love
You're a flame that can't be lit
A song that wouldn't be a hit
I'll call you for cheap dope
But I can't smoke what I dislike

We're going downtown where peeps from the suburbs
Are hanging out thinking guys in town
Aren't crested enough to wear their glasses
We're going downtown where suburbans moved on
Hanging out in classy bars, owning town
Riding low rider set to kiss our asses

It hurts me when I quit
Your smell's written in my head
I'll call you for cheap love
But I'd rather be alone and worry-free
Anthem of fireworks
Anthem for the homeless, it will never work

Feels like a million years
Since I ran down your streets
To beat the beast down
Breathe the beat of this town
Feel the rythm of the dawn
And get the fuck out of my town
Track Name: Living On A Wheelie
You moved out from the surface
You left me all alone
You've reached your purpose
Made up your dream
As if there's no tomorrow
I blame myself cause I can't be able to testify
Love that I had for you, the love we had too

I hope you quit without any scars
I can't take the blame
For the chances I didn't take to get by
You left me here staring at the stars
Ain't no other way to get to you
I'm feeling like a stranger in my life

You moved out far from this place
You've left a friend alone
But now you're busted, you killed yourself
And this time there's no tomorrow
I blame myself cause I can't be able to face the lie
You weren't fair enough
To tell us dope was your nightmare

Not allowed to feel any other satisfaction
Tasting the breeze of California staring at the ocean
Not allowed to feel any other kind of emotion
Watching kids growing older
Track Name: Me, Myself & Laramé
Writing on a Sunday morning
Last night killed my heart
I feel so sick and tired
I'm dying in seperate parts
I ain't quit old habits
Gotta hang up I admit

One more drink, I am done
Can't handle it anymore
Just stand up and go home
One more shot, I am gone
I'm all fucked up, ain't got no fun
Yet I drank myself to sleep

Is it the edge of agony?
Is someone playing tricks on me?
Don't let me go away
One more night, I am dead
My soul would like to kick my ass
Are you gonna let me fall?

Don't go away
Please, don't go away
I would make a promise that
I'm gonna fix myself
But don't go away

Last night killed my lonely heart
I'm dying in a million parts
Last night killed my lonely heart
But I ain't quit my old habits
Track Name: Drinking for Two
Grab me bottles of happiness
I'm getting reckless on my strings
I sound like I live in sadness
But this is how I express my feelings
I used to drown my words around
Don't try to catch me falling down
Cause we're all going down tonight

Life can't get much better
Since the day I've met the girls
Behind this lonely shell
Hides an honest dad
That fucking loves so bad

It's not an easy task
LEARNING how to be a man
Just step into it like
Lips dipping in wine

Let's go somewhere
A place that we don't care
Just have a drink, we all share
Let's go somewhere
I feel like I've been there
Drinking for two, life is unfair
Track Name: We Aren't Kids Enough
Late night singing songs
Covers we loved so
Shaking stress away
Holding week-ends in our hands
I feed fire until there's nothing left to burn
We sing this moment
For friends who met for a Friday drinking night
We sing this moment
For every single kid of yesterday

I wouldn't say we've lost
Our young and homesick hearts
We are the kids from yesterday
I wouldn't say we've fallen
For hopes and memories
But I know what I miss the most

Making my strings sing
Drinking all my dreams
We were born for this
Holding future in our hands
I'm willing to grow up
But my shoes still fit me well
We sing this moment
For friends who met for a Friday drinking night
We sing this moment
For every single kid of yesterday
We sing this moment...
We aren't kids enough
We aren't kids anymore

Time when we were spending hours playing hockey
Trying to get better than Gretzky
We aren't kids enough

Do you remember years ago?
Waiting the bus to go to school
Wondering when it ends
Now we're more than a bunch of kids
Watching clock spinning so fast
We hope it runs out of gas